bessemer partners 250m theinformation

bessemer partners 250m theinformation


 The Information’s Unique Position in the Media Landscape

The Information has carved out a distinct niche in the media landscape by focusing on in-depth, investigative journalism within the technology and business sectors. Founded in 2013 by Jessica Lessin, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, The Information has gained a reputation for delivering exclusive news and analysis that goes beyond the surface-level reporting found in many mainstream publications. Its subscription-based model allows it to prioritize quality over quantity, attracting a loyal and influential readership.

With this new funding from Bessemer Partners, The Information is well-positioned to further strengthen its position as a trusted source of high-quality journalism. The additional resources will enable the company to expand its editorial team, invest in cutting-edge reporting tools, and explore new avenues for growth. This funding round not only validates The Information’s unique approach but also highlights the increasing demand for reliable, in-depth reporting in an era of information overload.

 Bessemer Partners’ Confidence in The Information

Bessemer Partners’ decision to invest $250 million in The Information underscores its confidence in the company’s long-term prospects. Bessemer Partners, known for its successful investments in companies such as LinkedIn and Pinterest, has a track record of identifying promising ventures and supporting their growth. By backing The Information, Bessemer Partners is signaling its belief in the value of quality journalism and the potential for sustainable business models in the media industry.

The partnership between Bessemer Partners and The Information also brings strategic benefits to both parties. Bessemer Partners gains exposure to The Information’s unique expertise and network within the technology and business sectors, while The Information can tap into Bessemer Partners’ extensive experience in scaling successful companies. This collaboration has the potential to create synergies that will drive The Information’s growth and enhance its impact on the media landscape.

 The Implications for The Information’s Business Model

The funding from Bessemer Partners will undoubtedly have a significant impact on The Information’s business model. While the company has been successful in attracting a dedicated subscriber base, this new injection of capital will allow it to explore additional revenue streams and expand its offerings. The Information could potentially introduce new subscription tiers, offer premium content or events, or even explore partnerships with other media organizations.

However, it is crucial for The Information to maintain the delicate balance between quality journalism and commercial success. One of the key reasons readers are willing to pay for The Information’s content is its reputation for unbiased reporting and deep analysis. As the company expands, it must ensure that its core values and commitment to journalistic integrity remain intact. Striking the right balance between profitability and maintaining a loyal subscriber base will be crucial for The Information’s long-term sustainability.

The Potential Impact on the Media Industry

The funding secured by The Information from Bessemer Partners sends a positive signal to the media industry as a whole. In an era where traditional media organizations are grappling with declining revenues and changing consumer behaviors, this investment demonstrates that there is still significant value in quality journalism. It highlights the potential for innovative business models that prioritize substance over clickbait and quantity.

Moreover, this funding round may inspire other media companies to reevaluate their strategies and explore new avenues for growth. The Information’s success in attracting a dedicated subscriber base and securing substantial funding could serve as a blueprint for other media organizations looking to adapt to the changing media landscape. By focusing on quality, niche content, and building a loyal audience, media companies can potentially thrive in an increasingly crowded and competitive market.


Bessemer Partners’ $250 million investment in The Information represents a significant milestone for both parties and the media industry as a whole. The funding will enable The Information to further enhance its position as a trusted source of high-quality journalism and explore new avenues for growth. This partnership highlights the value of quality reporting and innovative business models in an era of information overload. As The Information continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how it navigates the delicate balance between profitability and maintaining its commitment to journalistic integrity.

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