How to Save Everyone in Until Dawn

how to save everyone in until dawn

Understanding the Butterfly Effect

One of the key aspects of Until Dawn is the butterfly effect, which means that even small choices can have significant consequences later in the game. It is crucial to pay attention to every decision made, as they can impact the relationships between characters, their mental state, and ultimately their survival. Interactions with objects, dialogue choices, and quick-time events all play a role in shaping the outcome.

Building Relationships and Trust

Developing strong relationships between characters is vital for their survival. Throughout the game, players will have opportunities to engage in conversations and make choices that can either strengthen or weaken these bonds. It is essential to be mindful of each character’s personality traits and preferences to make decisions that align with their interests. Building trust can lead to characters helping each other in critical situations, increasing their chances of survival.

Being Cautious and Observant

Until Dawn is filled with dangers lurking around every corner. Players must be cautious and observant of their surroundings to avoid deadly traps and encounters with dangerous creatures. Examining objects and clues can provide valuable information that may be crucial for making informed decisions later on. Paying attention to environmental cues and using the right objects at the right time can mean the difference between life and death.

Quick-Time Events and Reflexes

Quick-time events (QTEs) are a common occurrence in Until Dawn, requiring players to press buttons or perform specific actions within a limited time frame. These events often determine the outcome of intense situations, such as escaping from a pursuing threat or engaging in combat. It is essential to stay focused and have quick reflexes to successfully navigate these events and ensure the survival of the characters.


Until Dawn offers a thrilling and immersive experience where every decision matters. By understanding the butterfly effect, building relationships, being cautious and observant, and mastering quick-time events, players can increase their chances of saving everyone in the game. Remember, each choice has consequences, so choose wisely and be prepared for unexpected twists and turns along the way. Good luck in your quest to save everyone in Until Dawn!

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